So does that dragon even are what Steam is doing in Albatross?

Now that’s going into spoiler territory, but I can say the dragon scene is a pretty fun one.  I would imagine it noticed its palace getting a little colder though.

Just went over a list of episodes and I can now update the list of weapons for canon characters.  Anything else added is either Season 5 material or new stuff.  It’s all under the break.

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Thanks for reminding me Rpgmaker2k3 is entirely a thing that can be abused! I cooked this up in about a week and a half, wondering what you think of it? (watch?v=6zhwdJiIoEI, can't directly put a link here)

That’s… beautiful, I mean wow, you got enemy animations, a gameplay gimmick, this is really good material, by RPG Maker community standards too!

You all can watch it HERE.

A small look at the status screen in progress.

A small look at the status screen in progress.

I must say, that new equipment system is awesome. It has the equipment changing every RPG needs, compensates for a lot of characters, has a strategy element to it, and doesn't run the risk of anypony being stuck with outdated equipment.

That’s one of the nice perks VXA has over 2k3, I can actually make a system like that.  But really I totally stole it from my next project, heh heh.

You called it Super Writer another perfect prediction you said Apple Jack would be in Build Bear Workshop, and now I'm seeing commercials about her and Apple Bloom being there, Thank you Exdeath you Saved Apple Jack and us all! (I guess they got a lot of bad publicity for not putting Apple Jack and Apple Bloom in the first time now there covering there behinds by adding them.)

I think Exdeath was less angry about the lack of Applejack as much as it was the Illuminati owed him money after he bought Obama lunch.

Are you still going to add Nightmare Moon as her own character or is she not going to be playable because it seemed like you were determined to get her in? Also why is Discord being removed? I understand it was for the new system you are trying to install but are there other reasons why these two are not being added in as playable characters?

Unfortunately with the new system I’m just trying to keep it to a list of characters that are extremely relevant to more action oriented moments and fan favorites, who must follow the rule of being available and making sense, so Nightmare Moon, Discord and King Sombra are on my list of villains that cannot be voted for.

With a smaller roster I want every slot to count story wise.

0_0 Changes are afoot! I've been gone awhile, and I have no idea what is going on. Could you maybe perhaps elaborate on the happenings?

I’m getting too lost in how overly complicated the Lost Kingdom is, and after messing around with RPG Maker VXA, I’ve been highly considering switching the project over to it, keeping the same sprites but utilizing a larger screen and scripting system.

With this, I’m trying to trim the fat and keep the roster to a collection of very important characters and those that are just simply too popular to leave out.  However I’m trying to keep the game as close to the 2k3 version as possible, while making up for certain shortcomings.

Luckily things like VXA’s more advance stat system allows for a simple and efficient weapon/armor system, but we might be losing the costume system, not sure yet.

I would like to give more definite answers, but currently I’m still learning the new script I’m using and just trying to get a few characters done.  I will hopefully have answers by the time I have a fully functional party.

Great Charlie Brown reference.

One of the Pie Sister’s weapons is a rock, I had to go for it.

Small Note about the Weapon System…

The most of the default weapons of every character is what was seen in the Bug Tests, but there are two Mane Party members that start with two:

  • Spike has the Broom and the Stone Lance (from Dog and Pony Show).
  • Hawkeem has Fisticuffs and the Iron Sword.

Weapons are either bought from Grundle merchants or obtained through sidequests and story events.  Further more, I will confirm all Mane Party members will have 8 weapons, and everyone else 6.

Also below the break is a list of weapons I can confirm:

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