I like how you made rainbow's spite look like her rainbow dash presents counterpart of one of her costumes. do you think you can do the same with pinkie looking like her counterpart from hot blooded pinkie pie and spike looking like his counterpart from the spike da dragon tumblr as a costume for them?

I had to do it, Petirep is one of my favorite artists in the brony community, and RDP gives a huge selection of possible moves.  It was too perfect.

I’m not sure if I’m going with Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie yet, as there are a lot of options for her, and but Spike da Dragon isn’t out of the question, I’ll consider it.

Before I get a million fanwork suggestions, my rules are the work needs the character in an iconic outfit, like Derpy in the Picture Perfect Pony, or use a distinctive artstyle that isn’t close to FiM, like Petirep.

i just kind of realized something with that last question about big mama, is the blocking system made for the people that have problems in using the counter system? i mean, i personally find really difficult to counter, if blocking is somehow easier to pull off, then it might just be my thing :P or am i overthinking this too much? what's your opinion supes

Blocking is easier, you don’t have to time it, but it was made more to add another layer to gameplay.  A lot of this is because I felt the game would become too easy if anyone mastered the entire counter system, and I needed a secondary gameplay system to mix things up, so I added what’s basically the defend command in a new way of doing it.

Which character has the most alt costumes?

Twilight Sparkle, at 22 so far.  The Mane 6+Spike naturally have the most as they’ve had the most screen time on the show.

How difficult is the fight with Steam? How many phases are there in the battle? Does it get more epic when you get to the later phases? Does the music change after each phase? Are there cutscenes in between each phase? Is Steam a drug addict? Am I asking too many questions?
  1. The final boss will be the hardest fight not including optional content.
  2. 2, with the second being the most difficult.
  3. Of course.  Part 2 is going to be quite a spectacle consider half of the boss’s attacks are both completely insane yet still make sense in context of the story, and what it is is kind of a big thing too.
  4. Yes, and I’m planning on making the final boss music myself.
  5. Small ones.
  6. He’s an alcoholic.
  7. Yes, but I don’t mind.
Super Lame Joke Time

E. Honda was hanging out with Ryu, who brought a cooler.  E. Honda turns to him and asks, “Ryu, can I have a coke?”

To which Ryu replies, “Sureyoucan!”

Then Ken drives up in a truck, and Ryu says, “Helloken!”

Is Big Mama going to be way more difficult in the game than she was in episode -1?

Yes and no.  If you haven’t gotten fairly good at the counter system by the time you fight her, she will slaughter you, and blocking will be the only way to survive one of her moves without grinding way too much.

However if you use strategy and counter/dodge her moves, she isn’t too horrible.



Is it me or did a part of "Somepony to Watch Over Me" look like a Red Riding Hood kind of story with the chimera symbolising a maniac with a split personality. Will there be any such kind of fantasy symbols in the game that actually represent something from the real life?

Many but I can’t give them away due to spoilers, except:

  • La Tormenta’s subplot looks at how Equestria’s the opposite of the underdog, yet the Gastronomos are to be feared, something very real on Earth.
  • The Conductor’s apple fritter addiction is much like someone addicted to crack.  He starts to feel withdraws when he doesn’t get his fix.
About Big Mama. 1. Was she based on Shelob from the Lord of the Rings or was she an unevitably consequence of the giant spider figure in fantasy? 2. At these rate of roster expansion when can we expact rumours about her becoming playable? 3. Why did King Magnus mess up with gods but didn't take care of the spider right under his beak? Or was he a chicken?
  1. Big Mama isn’t based on anything other than the classic RPG cliche with giant spiders.  But since Shelob did seem to popularize the idea, I guess that’s a yes in spirit.  Really the idea behind the character was I wanted a monster every except Fluttershy would find freaky.
  2. She will never be playable.  There are giant characters, but Big Mama takes up half the screen herself, and it would feel weird nerfing her so she would be fair.
  3. In my headcannon, god-tiers like Celestia, Luna, Discord and even Nightmare Moon can be killed through conventional methods.  Big Mama is just too strong.  Besides, Magnus liked to sentence prisoners to go into her den and steal one of her hairs.  Those that succeeded went free.  No one did.

Sakari directs the SSBM theme.  It’s glorious.